Check out Kim Stuart’s article Attorney at Law Magazine. Five W’s: “Strategies for Women to Break Barriers and Bridge the Gap”

Article Excerpt:

“Every day there are headlines about women making headway in the battle for professional equality.  Progressive companies like Salesforce lead by example by focusing efforts on equal advancement and equal pay.  Parallel to this, every day, there are headlines about how women are still many, significant steps behind men.  In the legal industry surveys highlight how wide the cracks really are – in leadership roles, equity partnerships and pay, data shows women at 19% equity partnership (NAWL), 25% management roles (NAWL) and a 27% pay gap for top rainmakers (Acritas).

So what can be done to bridge the gap even if we do not yet have the imposing title or the management role?  This year, the Women Leaders Forum (WLF), convened in Denver for a 360-degree look at the industry and its mission to support the advancement of women leaders in law.  Over two days, we dove into the soft and hard skills of leaders.  We discussed perspectives and outlined strategies and tactics that participants could take back into their firms and their daily practice to be better leaders, to break barriers and to bridge the gaps of disparities.

Here are the five “W” strategies we focused on at the WLF Retreat…

WHO – Identify and nurture your assets.
WHY – Loyalty boosts trust and progression.
WHERE – Step outside of your industry bubble.
WHEN – Be your own ambassador – Now.
WHY – Satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

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