Are your business development programs aligned with your strategic goals and your clients’ needs? Often law firms and professional services firms are so busy reacting to everyday emergencies and immediate objectives they miss out on opportunities for growth, client engagement and success.

Key Group partners with you to leverage your strengths and opportunities by helping you launch and implement your priority programs.

Our services provide the following:

  • End-to-end business development strategy, program development and implementation.
  • Marketing and business development audits and meaningful analyses, identifying core business strengths, challenges and opportunities
  • Focused business planning, substance and framework development, relationship enhancement strategies and measurement tools
  • Concept inception and branding through follow up including tracking, reconciliation and reporting.
  • Example programs include: Cross-selling campaigns, Alumni Programs, Women’s Initiatives, Practice and Individual business planning, Executive Profiling

Your strategic and tailored programs begin with your business goals and end in success.